Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How To Melt Off Excess Pounds With Natural Remedies

For many years now I've had the pleasure of helping men and women get better looking and better performing bodies.

Now, even the people who think they're eating correctly are usually eating like crap.

Seriously, I'll ask someone if they had a healthy breakfast and they'll earnestly reply, "I had a GREAT breakfast! A muffin and orange juice!"

Well, any kind of a breakfast is a start....

Even the dedicated ones, the gals with a kitchen full of cookbooks and the guys with a pantry full of supplements make the same mistakes over and over.

Despite what you've been told, a chicken breast and white rice is NOT a healthy meal.

Hell, it's a lot better than what most people shove into their mouths.

But it doesn't kick your metabolism into overdrive and give you the vibrant health and energy you need to live your life to the fullest.

I know that you can fuction adequately even on a crappy diet. But do you ever feel weak, fatigued, or sluggish?

How much more would you get done if you were full of energy?

How much better would your life be?

My nutrition leaves a lot of room for improvement. But I'm getting better about it, dang it.

I want to help you improve yours, too.

So for at least the next week we're going to share some incredibly powerful foods that will not only help you look better, they'll help you feel better too!

Here's the deal: Each food is chosen because of powerful, almost drug-like effects it will have on your body.

And here's your strategy: Buy a specific quantity of each once a week.

Your goal: To finish off the amount by the end of the week and your next shopping trip.

Simple. And effective. Especially for those of us who have busy lives and can't measure and prepare each meal down to the gram.

Starting tomorrow, each day we'll go over a specific food that will
  • Stimulate your body's own healing and fat loss processes
  • Boost your energy level
  • Restore your vitality
  • Help you reach your ideal weight
  • Boost your endurance
  • Revive your sex drive
And probably most important:

  • Makes you feel good all over
That's all for today!

Oh, one last thing: I'm starting a brand-new training program that's already giving people UNBELIEVABLE results, but I can't write about it on this blog. It's for friends of mine and insiders ONLY.

If you're interested, send an email to LDWold (at) Gmail.com with your contact info.

But hurry, since we're going to get rockin' on this right away!

~ Luke Wold

PS - I've started a youtube channel where I'm supposed to be posting exercise videos and fat loss tips, but instead it's been me acting like a goofball.

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