Sunday, February 8, 2009

FABULOUS Personal Training

Lots of people tell me how relieved they are to see that I try to be a fun guy during workouts.

That's because exercise is tough enough without making it boring.

Have fun and push hard during your workouts.

So we do fun stuff.

We take turns bringing in our mp3 players and get to hear lots of new music.

We wear costumes....

And we joke, tell embarrassing stories, and generally have a good time while getting a kick-butt workout. (Believe me, it's fun, but it's not EASY)

I couldn't believe that anyone could ever find me intimidating, but I want to make sure you feel at ease when you come in.
To end, here's a short video of me being a goofball....



PS - If you're wondering the story behind this Fabulous Carson City Personal Trainer video, check back to this blog later this week. The hwhole embarrassing story will be revealed!

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