Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is Carson City Too Busy To Lose Weight?

Is the grind of your daily life keeping you from having the body you really want?

Big Bird Knows All About Busy Days

"Not enough time" is the number one excuse for not exercising that I hear as a personal trainer here in Carson City.

Apparently, no one here has any time to exercise, no one has any time to eat right, and no one has the opportunity to make any positive changes.

I call BS!

Listen up, if you really want to change your body, you will MAKE the time to do it.

You can’t achieve new goals or make desired changes without allocating time to do so.

A great strategy to make sure that the time you choose remains YOUR time is to exercise first thing in the morning. Seriously, there’s nothing else going on at 5am. The kids aren’t up, work hasn’t started, and no good TV shows are on.

Now, I don’t have kids and I basically live at the gym, so don’t take my word for it. Instead…

In my 5am bootcamp, for example…

· A single mom raising two daughters and working full time. Her kids have to be at school and dressed in the morning, she works all day, and then she carts kids from one end of Carson to the other and back again all evening. Her exercise options are 5am or 9pm. But at 9pm most of us are ready to collapse, not exercise. So 5am it is…

· Does work get in the way? One busy mom talked her boss into bumping her schedule back. She used to have to be to work at 6am, but she had it changed to 6:30 so she could come to bootcamp, shower, and jet to work. Ten hour shift, and then husband and kids. Talk about dedicated! (And she even changed her spare bedroom into a home gym, so she can work out with her daughter on the rare evenings they’re home instead of being at a basketball or volleyball game. Mad props!)

Without Coffee, There Wouldn't Be A Morning Bootcamp

· Another mom owns her own business (so does her husband), and has two young kids. She’s also incredibly active in the community. She works all day, and wants to spend every minute she can with her family, so she comes in before they’re awake to get in her workout. (Remember, it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling great and having tons of energy when you’re with the people you love)

· And for those of you paying attention, another mom drives almost a half hour each way every morning, then takes her daughters to school, works all day, picks her girls up and comes BACK to the volleyball club for their practice! That’s more than 2 hours of driving just to and from our gym, not counting all the time spent heading to work and school. If I had even a QUARTER of her dedication, I would accomplish about 7000x more every day!

That is four women who are using the special time of early morning to transform their bodies. (They are also some of the sweetest and most enjoyable people I have ever met. Thank you SO MUCH everyone, for making my mornings so much fun!)

What I want to make clear is that you can make the time, IF you really want to.

(Oh, and as an aside, every one of these four gals is way, WAYYY busier than I could possibly list in a short little paragraph. If they can do it, why not you?)

Four Kids, Husband, Full-Time Job. Her workout? Before They're Awake.

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Luke said...

Here's an email!

"You make us 'camper mom's sound so tough!!
We couldn't do it without you!

Thanks for the sweet comments (and the better looking/feeling body!)"