Friday, November 14, 2008

Americans Declare Physical Education Useless!

Do you remember how lame gym class used to be?

I've had some great PE teachers, but really, they just rolled out a bunch of basketballs and said "Have at it, guys."

Pretty useless.

Well, here is an article that agrees with me!

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Luke said...

After emailing links to this post to my friends and family, I received this great reply:

"So, are you going to be part of the solution? It is amazing (and disappointing) to me that here, at Wapato, and at Naches, the PE programs were not as "advanced" as they were at Sunnyside 25 years ago, where they did flexibility and agility to start every period, then did skill and movement building drills followed by conditioning M-T, with Fridays alternating between tests and games/contests. Then again, the coaches smoked in their offices and held kids' heads in the toilets..."