Wednesday, November 12, 2008

8 Weeks To Master The Pull-Up!

(While I was writing this post, my buddy Dave sent me a text message. It said, "If you have little kids don't ever be shocked at what you find in the third row car seats and how old it may be.")

Once you're able to get one good chin up, follow this program:

  • Week 1 4x1 (four sets of 1 rep)
  • Week 2 1x2, 3x1
  • Week 3 2x2, 2x1
  • Week 4 3x2, 1x1
  • Week 5 4x2
  • Week 6 1x3, 3x2
  • Week 7 2x3, 2x2
  • Week 8 3x3, 1x2
Perform each workout twice a week.

After finishing this progression, you should be able to bust out five reps! That's a GREAT improvement in only 2 months!

Pull-ups are one of my very favorite exercises, they work your back like a champ and get your body burning some SERIOUS calories!

(You know, I'd be stoked if we could get everyone in Carson City repping out pull-ups!)

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