Monday, April 28, 2008

Metabolism Makeover Testimonials

Mary Warren
Lost 15 pounds, 3% Body Fat, 2 inches in waist & over 3 inches in hips!

“When I started the Metabolism Makeover, I was very skeptical.

My friend told me it worked for her. So I said, OK, I'll give it a try. After all, what I had been doing, just wasn’t working anymore.

I was surprised to learn that nutrition can be 70 to 80% responsible for my weight and I thought, yeah right. But I was determined to eat all the recommended foods and at the right times and to honestly try to prove this system wrong, because I didn't really believe.

In fact, I purposely didn't exercise to see if nutrition alone would or could make that much difference. Well, as you can see, the Metabolism Makeover proved me wrong, and I am thankful for that lesson! I became more of a believer as a couple pounds a week kept slowly coming off. Little by little I was able to fit back into my favorite clothes!

Now, I am really anxious to go whole hog with the exercise to BOOST all that I have learned from this amazing program. If only I had been following ALL of the guidelines from the beginning, I'd already be close to where I want to be permanently. But at least I’ve reached my short term goal and I an have no doubt I’ll be able to achieve and maintain my ultimate goal.

I have a beautiful size 6 dress I'd love to wear for a party. I want my husband to take me dancing to some fabulous place.


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