Monday, April 28, 2008

Metabolism Makeover Testimonials

Sandy Durfee, Age 47
Lost 10 pounds, 4 inches in waist and 3 inches in hips

“Even though I had always enjoyed exercise and made it a priority in my life, my weight had continued to be an issue. It seemed that over the years I gained weight, not just from the birth of each of my children, but also from my poor eating habits. I began to dread my doctor visits as each time I was warned that I was at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

My doctor kept telling me that it didn’t matter how I lose weight, as long as I take it off. This only scared me into unhealthy bouts of dieting. I tried Atkins, Trim Spa and other diets pills and juice diets but after each not only was I heavier, I also felt worse! I had no energy, I hated the way I looked and I was depressed. My life was no longer mine to control.

I had a new grandbaby and I so desperately wanted to play an active role in her life. I finally decided something needed to change but I was unaware of what to do. I enrolled in the Metabolism Makeover and I was on my way. I learned everything from how my body works and what I need to eat to be strong and healthy. The best part....It was surprising easy! I am never hungry and I eat more now than I have in years! I now understand why Ii gain weight if I deprive my body of what it needs. I enjoy my life and feel in control. I feel great and look wonderful.

Thank You for saving me!

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