Monday, April 28, 2008

Metabolism Makeover Testimonials

Daniel Emblen
“I thought I was doing everything right!”

“The Metabolism Makeover can help you reach your goal by pin pointing the areas that need improvement. I started off believing I knew all about strength training, cardio and eating properly. Heck, I was even using a nutritional journal I purchased from GNC! Well, I thought I was doing everything right - WRONG - I was about 1,000 calories too low, putting my body in starvation mode. I was doing cardio for over an hour 3 times a week, also not good.

With the Metabolism Makeover I was shown a new way. I started the program at 292 lbs, 25% body fat. My percent body fat was high even though I played football and frequented the gym. That alone tells you I was doing something wrong and I got help. I was shown the proper amount to eat and received guidance on how to correctly workout. I now weigh 272 and have 19% body fat! Yes, 20 lbs and a 6% body fat decrease. My waist went from 46 inches to 39 inches. VERY NICE!!

This program not only helped me to change my body, but increase my self confidence too. The Metabolism Makeover is more than a just for weight loss, it can be designed just for you, to help you get started on your fitness goals and new way of life.”

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