Monday, January 12, 2009

Everybody Is Too Fat To Join The Army

Read below for some disturbing news:

There are so many military recruits who are too obese to pass their entrance physicals that the army is thinking of starting a "fat camp."

A friend sent me this article:

Fat Camp For Recruits

Now, why are so many recuits overweight?

Well... A fire chief quoted in the article blames it on a lack of physical education in high school.

Maybe. I think it's more a lack of physical education in the HOME.

The army can't take 3 out of 10 recruits because they are obese, and an additional 20-30% of recruits are overweight but will be accepted if they can get the weight off. So... Let's say that half of our recruits are too fat.

And here's the thing: The army only requires 30% bodyfat.

That means the bodies of HALF of our recruits are more than one-third pure lard.

Not good news.

What's the cure?

Gee, I don't know how to get every American in shape. (I'm good, but I'm not THAT good. Yet.)

I do know what works but I can't make anyone follow a plan who doesn't really want to.

So, what should we do then?

How can we get our teens, the teens we actually have contact with, to embrace a healthier life?

Simple: WE have to be healthier.

A fat parent telling their kid to go exercise is like a doctor who smokes telling you that cigarettes are bad. It doesn't work.

You need to have credibility.

Don't Let This Happen!

Here are three simple things you can do today that will help you AND your kids live a better life...

1. Throw out all the foods you know you shouldn't have in your pantry and fridge. Start with sodas and pre-made sweets.

2. Prepare a healthy breakfast and MAKE your kids eat (Hey, you're the parent. Make 'em do it.) Need fast and healthy breakfast ideas? Check this post out: Carson City's Belly Fat Blasting Breakfast.

3. Begin some sort of exercise regimen. Walking, personal training, join a sport, but make it something regimented. People have argued that planned training is bad for kids. But they're wrong. Education is a planned out path that works great and physical education is the same.

Now, the purpose of this post isn't to have you train your kids up for the army.

It's to open your eyes so that you will start thinking about how to have a healthy, happy, energetic life with your family.

THAT'S something worth working for.

Have a great day,


PS - It's not just Americans, youth all over the world are becoming more obese. England is having the same problems with their recuits. This article says that only 1/3 of English youth meet Army height/weight requirements: Teens to fat to fight in army.

PPS - And if you're only worried about academic performance, then I have news for you: Exercise improves test scores. You can read the article here: Better Test Scores

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