Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Carson City Ab Advice

During personal training sessions people always ask me about fitness products they see on TV and at the store.

“Yo Luke! I just saw this *insert name of cheap plastic gizmos here*. Does this thing really work?”


Yeah, some of the things you see on TV actually work. Some are just complete garbage.

The ones that DO work aren’t really all that new, they’re just old ideas repackaged.

And if you work hard and eat right, you’ll lose some fat.

But here’s the thing: Most people don’t buy exercise equipment in order to exercise.

They buy them to fulfill an interesting psychological need.

You could call it the “at least I’m doing something” mindset. It’s very real. (How many people do you know who eat a 2,000 Calorie lunch and then have a ‘healthy’ diet coke? Same thing…)

I’ll tell you that it’s a delusion most people have about their softening body. They don’t actually use their equipment, don’t stick to the diet, don’t use their gym membership.

But when we spend money on something we temporarily fill that “at least I’m doing something need.”

Look, if you really want to make 2009 a different year… If you want REAL change… Don’t lie to yourself anymore…

Join something like the Metabolism Makeover Program and get guided every step of the way, like Erin Binkley:

Have a wonderful day!

~Lucas Wold

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