Saturday, August 9, 2008

Guest Special: Tofu and More!

My very good friend Sarah replied to a recent email of mine with this:

"It works best if you slice the tofu first, and squeeze out the extra water, rather than just freezing a block of tofu.

Really, though, shrimp are horrible, ecologically - for a good general discussion, see; and tofu is part of the agri-business, monoculture, high-carbon-footprint soy industry. so eating locally-grown, organic chicken, lamb, or beef (which you can probably find in most areas at a local market) is better than either.

In other protein news, I hate to give up salmon, but the atlantic fishery is essentially commercially extinct, and they've banned fishing for chinook in california and oregon this year. farmed salmon can be the answer, but the way the farms are being run is destroying the few wild populations left. see

Sorry for the preaching, but I really believe that consumption choices should be holistically healthful, which includes caring for our environment and the populations that we rely on for our nutritional needs. how healthy can we be if we destroy our planet?"

I'm super-lucky to have such awesome friends!

Have a great weekend,

~Lucas Wold

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