Monday, July 14, 2008

We're Growing!

Big News: High Sierra Bootcamps Are Now For Women ONLY!! (Sorry dudes)


Starting next week there are going to be three levels of membership in High Sierra Bootcamps!

Each level will have escalating opportunities for enhancing your life.

The first level will be the Silver Membership.

  • Silver Members will receive 3 bootcamp sessions a week
  • Discounts on camps, seminars, classes, and swag
  • A Monthly hard-copy newsletter

Next on the ascension ladder is the Gold Membership.

  • Gold Members will receive 6 bootcamp sessions a week
  • Bigger discounts on camps, seminars, classes, and swag
  • A Monthly Hard-Copy Newsletter
  • Additional Monthly "Fat Loss Gold" Hotsheet

And the top tier will be the Platinum Membership.

  • Platinum Members will recieve UNLIMITED bootcamp sessions a week
  • Biggest discounts on camps, seminars, classes, and swag
  • Monthly Hard-Copy Newsletter
  • Fat Loss Gold Hotsheet
  • Monthly copy of "Lucas Wold's Fat Loss Files" Newsletter (soon available for subscription at
Also, an outside company is going to handle the fees automatically.

Every new and returning bootcamper will be signed up for a 3 month membership, at whichever level suits her needs best.

And the bootcamps will be continuous, with a few weeks scheduled off each year, to allow your body and mind to rest.

What this means is that new members can join at any time, without having to wait however long for the next camp to start.

For instance, if you register on July 17th, your membership will be renewed on August 17th, and September 17th. Without having to remember to write a check or forgetting or any inconvenience. Easy Peasy.

Whew, that's a lot of new stuff!

So, classes will be Monday through Friday at 5 am, and 6:30 am, with an 8 am and Saturday session starting soon!

Have a great night!

Want more, do more, BE more,


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