Monday, July 21, 2008

Grand Entrances

There are grand entrances.

And then there are absolutely, positively, make-their-jaws-drop grand entrances.

You know, I get invited to a lot of formal parties.

But I usually stay home, because I lack the style to wear a tux naturally....

Why would I mention grand entrances and formal parties?

Here is why: Every party I've been to has that one woman, the one wearing a little black dress.

You know the one. She walks in and all the guys stand up straighter and suck in their guts.

But here's the thing...

That girl?

She trained and dieted hard the weeks before the party... And it totally paid off.

This year, instead of her being the center of attention - why don't YOU be the main attraction?

Now is the time to start thinking about Holiday parties...

Now is the time you put in the work to make a Grand Entrance on New Year's Eve...

Picture yourself ten, fifteen, even thirty pounds lighter than you are today...

It isn't too late. The only thing left for you is to do it.

Are you in?

Want more, do more, BE more,


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