Monday, April 28, 2008

Metabolism Makeover Testimonials

"In 12 Weeks I Went From A Size 12 Jeans And Am Now Wearing A Size 8!"

Erin Binkley, Age 28
Lost 3% Body Fat, 4 /2 inches in waist and 1 /2 inches in hips

“I had finally come to terms with that fact that I had hit a plateau – a loss of 70 pounds wasn’t all that bad (see my before picture) – I was ready to settle and live with the progress I had made up to that point. The tipping point in my life came at the end of May 2004. But let me digress to tell you how I came to this life changing moment.

I was extremely active and athletic during high school and my first year or two of college. I played tennis and golf and when I got to college I played intra-mural flag football and softball. After I graduated I got my first “real” job that was extremely stressful. I rarely had time to eat a decent meal so I found myself eating lots of fast food or anything that was quick.

During this time I met my husband who can literally eat anything that he wants and never gain a pound. I guess this led me to believe that I could also eat whatever I wanted, but unfortunately I didn’t realize that I would gain the pounds for both of us. I became pregnant with my daughter in December 2002 and only gained 11 pounds up to my 8th month of pregnancy.

However, during that final month I gained nearly 15 pounds! Once she was born I continued to eat, eat and eat more. I thought that since I was nursing that I needed to eat enough for the entire family!

I knew that I was gaining weight when I realized I was still in maternity clothes.....3 months after she was born! I found myself saying – “This was o.k., it’s just baby weight”.

In May 2004, I went for a doctor’s appointment. I hadn’t been on a scale since I was in the hospital after I delivered my daughter and was I in for the shock of my life. The scale said that I weighed 226 pounds!
That is a LOT of weight on a 5’4” frame. I knew that I needed to do something because I was at serious risk for major health problems. I piddled around for a few months and then learned in late August 2004 that a new gym was going to be opening in town.

After joining I managed to lose about 20 pounds over the course of that year doing a lot of cardio and some weights. I then joined a “commercialized group weight loss” program in May 2005 weighing in at 202 and I lost another 30 pounds.

Then it suddenly stopped. Why wasn’t I losing weight? I couldn’t understand. I was doing well over 45 minutes a day of cardio and was also taking some group fitness classes everyday!

I then learned about a course called “Metabolism Makeover” that was being taught at the gym. I explained my situation and the fitness professional was hopeful that this class would totally break me through the plateau and give me results that I never thought were possible.
He was totally right. This course has completely changed my thinking. Not just about the way I eat - Food is not the enemy; my choices are - but I learned the most valuable lesson...I am the creator of my body and my life! No one has control but me.

This phenomenal 12 weeks of hands-on education has taught me not only what to eat, when to eat and why...but also how to permanently change those unsupportive habits that were keeping me from getting my body back all along.

I supplemented this class with a full body resistance training program and my results were absolutely awesome. I even learned how doing too much cardio was actually causing my body to store MORE FAT!

In 12 weeks I went from a size 12 jeans and am now wearing a size 8!

I bought size 8 jeans without trying them on and I wasn’t going to until the end of our class.

Guess what?? They fit!!!!!! I have never felt such a sense of accomplishment than I did at that moment.

And guess what ladies...the difference in my weight as seen in my before and after picture above is a mere 5 pounds...YES, just a 5 pound difference! I had to lose a LOT of fat and gain Lean Muscle to not only boost my metabolism...but to lose inches and tone and sculpt my body (a necessity after all the weight I had gained!).

I will never go back to those old, destructive habits. I have adopted this nutritional program as a way of life.

I can’t believe that I didn’t do this any sooner. If you are reading this, then you too are obviously thinking about making some positive changes. Trust me, you need to seek out a comprehensive program like this one and it will totally changeyour life!“

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