Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get In Shape BEFORE You Run!

I talk about this constantly, but it seems like it’s still not enough…

Every runner I know is either injured currently, recovering from an injury, or really stiff and sore (about to be injured).

I’ve talked to a few runners this week.

All injured.

All overuse injuries.

All of them had at least one, and more commonly several, significant finding such as weak core musculature, poor hip range of motion, poor hip strength, lack of ankle mobility, and usually were too fat to be running.

When your foot hits the ground 1600 times per mile at 3 or more time bodyweight, any of the above problems will wear your body out quickly.

I like to walk in the evenings. Just to enjoy the cooler night air and get in some extra activity.

But I have this overwhelming desire to correct every jogger’s running form. Of the two dozen or so I pass regularly, NONE should be running.


Do people really think this is helping them?

Let me be blunt:

Unless you’re an endurance runner (marathons, triathletes, etc.) and have been properly evaluated by a real fitness professional, don’t run.

Really, don’t run.

Find another fitness activity that is probably more effective in the first place (a morning bootcamp comes to mind…).

If you just HAVE to run, get in shape first.

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